sYnck goes USA, day 1, 2 and 3

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Day 1
Our trip started in the late hours on the 1st of October, well .. late hours, atleast it was dark outside. We gathered up at 8PM in the Tallinn Busstation to catch a bus to the capital of Latvia, Riga.
We agreed to buy some vodka with us, just get us asleep faster .. that was the excuse atleast, but we failed to buy it, caus u can’t buy alcohol after 8PM in Tallinn, shity law tho.
Some of us had some beers with us just to start with. First stop was in Estonian 5th biggest town Pärnu, so called Summer Capital of Estonia.
We got out to strech our legs and have a ciggy. Rodi, plaza and dodz went to the gasstation to get some vodka. They bought 1Litre of Estonians finest, Viru Valge.
It was empty in 30 minutes, four of us drinking it, lorenzo and PunisheR decided to stay “awake” and not to join us, they were smarter than we were. It was awful experience, drinking vodka in a bus that has no ventilation and 5hour trip .. jesus plz, we almost died in there.
So, as I already asked jesus to help us, then i’d continue. I will swear on my grandfathers grave that I will NEVER ever catch a bus to Riga again, worst 5h of my life .. nice beginning for our trip to US .. NOOOT.
I have NEVER, I repeat NEVER seen more unconfortable bus that the one we had to take to Riga, if u add the fact that there was no ventilation .. basically no fresh air at all then in summary you will get HELL.
Well okej, enough of the complaints about the bus.
Our 2nd stop was Latvian border, they checked .. actually they just had a glance at them, that’s it .. our passports and we got a chance to get out and have a ciggy again, 2nd ciggy in 3 hours, wohoo damn lucky.
After having a smoke, which was our primary object at the border, we rushed to the toilets .. well you know, some beers .. some vodka will do the trick :)
10 minutes later we continued our trip towards Riga, I finaly managed to get some sleep for about 40 minutes, my beauty sleep was interrupted by my falling laptop, no kidding, it fell down from the upper part of the bus, where people can store the luggage.
I chekced my clock and it was reading 1:30 (the clock was ahead for 20 minutes (the bus clock)) so it was about 40 minutes left to the station.
There was a taxi waiting for us, in Riga that is, we ordered it in advance, so we didn’t have to wait. Taxi was all fine, Id expect the same hospitaly by every taxidriver, 9 points out of 10.
7LVL we had to pay for our trip, that’s aprox. 14$. Fair price for the nice drive.
By the time we got the airport we were god damn hungry, when I aproached some fucking irritating airport worker, who seemed not enjoying his staying there stated that there are absolutely NO restaurants open whatsoever. No hamburger, no pizza .. no NOTHING. That was close to the disaster.
So we gathered all the money we had, well .. all the latvian money we had and me + plaza took a taxi to the closest pizza bar and bought 3 biggest pizzas they had for the team plus some drinks to ease our thirst.
Now .. 3:39 (EET) we are playing Poker for the Estonian money and enjoying our time in Latvian airport, waiting for the flight to amsterdam which will departure at 5:50 (EET – GMT+2).
I’ll continue in amsterdam I guess, because I am tired as hell at the moment, I guess I will catch some sleep meanwhile. Be cool!

Day 2
Wowowo hey again, we managed to board the KLM flight Riga to Amsterdam, Schipoli. Our Counter-Strike team managed to delay the flight for 10 minutes, because rodi was going trough some mambo jambo at the check-in, he was repacking his shorts into hand baggage, so he could wear them on the flight to Seattle,
well, what can I say, was a smart move by him, ball sweat is going to kill me and I bet the others soon, I need fuckng shower and sleep. Oh ye, managed to get a 1h sleep while flying, was good enough to kick some life back in me.
Tho I had to reseat inside the plane, because my chair was fucked up, it was sliding backwards all the time, so the passanger behind my was annoyed as hell .. well, I was to(btw, new seat was in business class and I managed to strech my legs a bit and get a clear view out of the window, good enough for KLM)
Now we are sitting here, in one of the biggest .. if not the biggest airport in Europe, with no internet .. oh yes, there is wifi, for a small fee .. but it is so fucking slow that I can’t even pay for it .. useless, why can’t they turn/let people use basic things such as MSN, skype .. or smth, would be much better.. I feel like I am an actor in Lost episode (wearing clean jeans and having no communication whatsoever)
Oh btw, I think I lost the Lithuanian WC3 player Lose :) no kiddin’, he was running after us all the time, caus I told him to stay close. Well actually he said that the manager of serious gaming will meet him at the Schipol airport, but well .. I guess they didn’t find eachother .. anyway, by the time we got our asses to Burger King to eat a massive XXXXXL burger with 3 meat slices .. NIICE .. I LAJK. Food was controlling our minds by then, so we dind’t notice that Lose was gone :)
Latvians are in Amsterdam I guess, with Samsung representative .. what are they doing there? Hmm, drinking coffee in coffee shop :) I hope that some of them will be late for the plane, will be fun .. I guess.
Two more hours to departure, frustrating .. need a) a good 10h sleep (that’s how long the plain is flying to Seattle from Schipol) or b) a HUGE pot of coffee, but I guess I will stick to the 1st option, because coffee here sucks hard .. give starbucks!
Btw, never ever buy a supertruper gamers laptop to play WoW on a trip to other countries, those 2 gig rams and pewpew gfx card are sucking the power out of the battery, 33% left .. sadface.
Anyway, I will go and charge my laptop somewhere I guess .. oh btw, Remo next to me, is making up the next years DigiTV upgrades. So far we’ve added Poker channel, Game channel (where you could actually play the games woopidoo).
Okej, enough for today(will be today tomorrow also, caus we are flying back in time) Time runners!

Day 3
This, the 3rd part, will be like .. the longest part of them all, it includes the flight from amsterdam to Seattle + seting up in the hotel and 1st day in the USA.
To start with boarding the plane, everything went smooth, we were asked to come aside .. like all the other passangers and had a conversation with a custom guy, in the end of the conversation he asked me if I am the smartest one :) caus I was answering all the questions, since others don’t speak english that fluently.
I was expecting Boeing 747, but we already knew in advance that it will be Airbus A330 – if we are going to draw a line between them, then my points will go to Boeing, tho Airbus has the fancy screens at every seat, so we had a chance to check all the latest hollywood movies etc.
About the flight itself, my worst experience ever, PLEASE do NOT allow children under the age of 6 to planes, 2 kids were crying like ALL the flight .. was kinda losing myself there, since I was fucking tired also.
In the end of the flight, we had to circle around Seattle for 1h, because there was only 1 line open for landing and we were on a line to get the landing permission. Once landed, custom shit went smooth with 1 expection, Dodz came out to be a suspisious person and was searched completely. After that we gathered at the baggage claim for some PR stuff with samsung. Had a grp picture eetc,

A bit later, we got our tired and stinky asses to the hotel, reception was a disaster – non of them spoke proper english + the lists were messed up – after telling them what to do for 5 minutes, we got all the issues fixed.
Hotel itself is 5+! The bestest hotel I have ever been to. Bed is like kingsize and kingsoft :) Pillows, shower .. all of those details added dot on i.

This topic closed, we managed to get cleaned up and ordered a taxi to a mall. Big but kinda sucky mall since there was no place to eat etc. We were in the mall for like 3hours, I bought myself new PUMA’s for 45$, other boys got a new tshirts, sweaters and so on. I also managed to get myself new Clive Cussler books which I was very happy about.

You can sue me, but taxidriver + the rockey burgers (where we had a breakfast/dinner) were awesome. Burger thingy in 60 style, playing good80s.

Have you seen the KitKat commercial, where some Pakistanian taxi driver is singing, we had exactly the same taxidriver :D Made us laugh
One more thing that made this day special, was pool at the hotel – small hot water pool + big kinda warmish water pool.
All together we were there swimming for 2 hours and it was over the shizzle. Some of other players came by, made some pictures of wacko Estonians and that was it, nobody except one local worker, that is from Alaska joined us.

Once again I would love to state, that our hotel is TOPNOTCH! It’s like day and night compared to the one there was in Italy and Singapore, it’s just awesome. The XXL KING RAHJA EMPEROR size beds, with 3 extra soft pillows. Bed is eating you inside it, it so comfortable that I wanna scream.
We can play nintendo in our room, we can watch newest movies. We have a super bath, super computer chair .. I don’t have words to describe it. Just that .. VERY good hotel.

Btw, I am writing this blog entry for the 2nd time, since last one I was writing at 1am, my condition was PISS SHIT FUCKING tired, my eyes were closing while writing it, so I had to rechek it a “little bit” later. Time is 5am at the moment. It’s kinda hard to get a good sleep because of the time issues. 5am (03.oct) in Seattle is 3pm (03.oct) in Estonia ;) So I should be working by now.
Oh ye, forgot to mention that people here in United States are VERY polite, all those “excuse me sir, sorry sir, hi guys, what’s up boys, can I help you boys” are very uncommon for us, estonians. When you walk in to a shop, girl rushes to great you and offer her assistance in any way she can help.

You ofcourse wanna know about the girls and fat people. Well, overweight people will get 1, yes there are a lot them. About nice girls .. well, they will get 0, saw only two decent girls so far, one of them was swedish :)

Okej, if we started with the people, i’ll end this topic fast also. Other players here at WCG are kinda cocky, except Pentagram, they came to me, said hi, how are you bla bla. I also visited finnish team Roccat in their room by now, they had 27 boxes of chinese food there and the fortune cookies that had copypasted text in them :)

Anyway, bajbaj for now, i’ll go try to catch some sleep. Our “1st day” here will be kinda empty, since we only have the “welcome party” where we will get free beer and some food + my Team Leader meeting, where they will announce some mambo jambo to us and we get a chance to ask stupid questions :)
Over and out.

Homme saab juba rohkem ning ka eesti keeles :) Olge muhedad.

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