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Autor TeemaMu Online Private Server No Reset
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Postitus Mu Online Private Server No Reset
postitatud: November 17, 2013, 11:24

Mul tuttav leedukas tegi long term Mu Online serveri.

Serveri lehekülg:
Ma usun, et kõik saavad inglise keelest ka aru ja ma ei pea tõlkima hakkama seda.
Mu online pole eestlaste hulgas just populaarseim mäng, aga visake pilk peale ja ehk hakkab meeldima.


Version: Season 7 Episode 2 (aka ex702).

Server type: economy, non-reset.

Experience rate: 10x.

Master experience rate: 20x.

Item drop rate: 20%.

Zen amount drop rate: 20x.

Excellent item drop rate: 1/50.

Chaos machine rates: default.

Monster spots: default.

NPC spots: default + few custom.

Phantom Soldier buff max level: 220.

Phantom Soldier quests: active.

Magic Gladiator create level: 220.

Dark Lord create level: 300.

Summoner create level: 50. (free)

Rage Fighter create level: 150. (free)

Mu helper system: active. (80 level required)
Off trade system: active. (Lorencia only)

Happy hour event: active. (18:00 server time)


Golden invasions appear every 3 hours.

Golden monsters stats doubled (means 2 times stronger than usual).

New golden dragon system (which came from Season 4 JPN Protocol).

Drops from Boxes up to dragon/legendary/guardian/sacred/ancient sets.

Boxes item drop rates: +1 - 90%; +2 - 80%; +3 - 70%; +4 - 60%; +5 - 50%;.

Excellent options: up to 2; Level: 0 all times; Defense option: up to +12; Luck: 50%; Skill: 100%;.


Customized Heart of Love drops.

* Rewards: from +4 to +9 level; up to +12 option; up to second sets/weapons;

* Chance to receive Jewel of Soul, Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Chaos;

* Heart of Love drop rate increased;

Customized Blood Castle rewards.

* Rewards: jewels; up to count 2 per completed event;

* Blood Castle level 6-8 chance to get blue feather;

Customized Acheron monsters drops.

* Highly increased chance to get Pentagram items.

Customized all shops.

* 9 Potions per stack only;

* Guardian of Angel, Alcohol, Remedy of Love, Siege Potion, Event ticket ingredients;

* Sets up to Dragon, Guardian, Legendary, Ancient, Sacred Fire, Atlans.

* Highest rank set options: +0+0+Luck;


Donations accepted only via PayPal, rewarded with premium coins (aka Coin (P)).

Get same advantages as premium using Vote rewards (need to be logged-in), rewarded with vote coins (aka Coin (V)).

Get EXTRA advantages playing in-game by killing specific monsters, rewarded with goblin points.

No items to be sold, only buffs, seals, pets, tickets (all purchases expiring).

(Cash Shop in-game, press X)

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